Factory Calibration on site Factory Calibration on site

We can calibrate your devices and sensors on site.

The burster factory calibration certificate helps reduce calibration related down-times and meets the ISO9000 requirements.

The burster factory calibration certificate provides you with the necessary information on measurement uncertainty, procedures and traceability both for individual sensors and complete measurement systems. burster calibration can also be customized to individual requirements.

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        Model WKS on site
        Load cell or measurment chain

        Measuring range: 0 N ... 10 kN 
        Uncertainty: 0.1 % rdg.

        Measuring range: > 10 kN ... 200 kN 
        Uncertainty: 0.1 % F.S.

        Measuring range: > 200 kN ... 2 MN with external partners

        Displacement sensor or measurement chain

        Measuring range: 0 ... 100 mm 
        Uncertainty: U(L) = (0.5+L/150+0.04*L) μm

        Measuring range: 100 ... 300 mm with external partners

        Calibration of devices

        • DIGIFORCE® model 9305, 9306, 9307, 9310
        • RESISTOMAT® model 2304, 2316, 2318, 2329
        • ForceMaster model 9110
        • Digital indicator model 9140, 9162, 9163, 9180, 9181, 9186
        • USB sensor interface model 9205, 9206
        • Sensor PROFIBUS module model 9221
        • Amplifier model 9235, 9236, 9243
      • Description

        The burster factory calibration certificate includes the following services:

        1. Assessing whether your measuring equipment is suitable for calibration.
        2. Performing a calibration.
        3. Documentation in the form of a factory calibration certificate.
        4. Identifying calibrated items with a calibration label.

        If we find during our calibration-suitability check that an adjustment is needed, we perform this adjustment prior to calibration in close consultation with you.

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        1. Which products can burster calibrate on site?
          burster can calibrate and adjust all sensors and devices. Additionally, burster can calibrate sensors and equipment from other manufacturers after coordinating technical details.
        2. How long does a calibration take?
          Typically, a standard calibration takes 1 to 2 hours. But the duration depends on the procedure and the accessibility of the sensors or devices.
        3. What does a calibration involve?
          Every product is subject to an assessment of suitability for calibration prior to its calibration. When the sensor is removed, the calibration will be performed following the ISO 376 by using our portable load cell calibration stand 72KME. If it is not possible to remove the sensor, it will be calibrated by running through different load levels. If we find out that adjustments are needed afterwards, we will contact you and after you go-ahead, we make the necessary adjustments and then repeat the calibration. 
        4. Is the burster factory calibration on site an accepted procedure?
          Please find a list of our satisfied customers below. 
          Medical and pharmaceutical industries:
          Aesculap, Balda Medical, KaVo-Dental, Raumedic.

          Daimler, Audi, Continental Automotive, Gustav Wahler, MAGNA Powertrain Germany, TRW Automotive, ZF Lenksysteme, KOKI TECHNIK Transmission Systems, Hella Hueck, Eberspächer Controls, Bosch Rexroth, Robert Bosch, Lear Corporation, Pierburg Pump Technology. 
        5. What quality standards are met by a factory calibration on site (WKS)?
          With a burster factory calibration you can be confident of compliance with ISO 9001 and under certain circumstances even ISO 16494 and ISO 13485.
        6. What is "suitability for calibration"?
          When you send burster a product for calibration, we check prior to the actual calibration, that your unit is working properly electrically.
        7. What is the difference between calibration and adjustment?
          Calibration establishes the measurement range and accuracy of your instrument or test equipment. If it is found during calibration, that the measurement ranges or accuracy can no longer meet the product specifications guaranteed by burster, then it may be possible to adjust a unit so that it complies again with the promised specification.

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