Calibration services in manufacturer quality

Certified quality with DAkkS/Factory Calibration and Test Certificates


As a manufacturer of sensors and measuring systems, burster also features a calibration laboratory accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for the measured mechanical quantity of force.


For force as the measured quantity, we offer not only test & alignment reports and factory calibration certificates but also the option of a German-accredited DAkkS calibration certificate. burster's fast and efficient calibration service delivers outstanding reliability, accuracy, rigour and traceability for every calibration.

The calibrations carried out include the following services:

  • Assessing whether your test and measuring equipment is suitable for calibration
  • Performing a calibration
  • Documenting the calibration with a factory/DAkkS calibration certificate
  • Labelling the calibration items in accordance with ISO 17025 or German DKD-5 requirements

Should it prove during our calibration-suitability check that an adjustment is necessary, we perform this adjustment prior to calibration in close consultation with you.

Flexible service that fits your business

At your service!


You want to be sure that your technical planning is cost-effective and on schedule without the administrative bother of handling your recurring calibration jobs. Then take advantage of our extremely attractive range of calibration offers! We make sure our service meets your needs in terms of schedule, requirements and level of calibration service. 

As a German-accredited DAkkS calibration laboratory and manufacturer, we are at your service for calibration, testing and adjustment of your test and measurement equipment in accordance with relevant standards or your own requirements, either in our own laboratory or at your site. We can provide the optimum calibration service for practically any task.


Make use of our years of experience to perform regular testing and calibration at your site.

  • You expect your test equipment to be monitored in accordance with ISO 9001?
  • You don’t have the resources to dismantle the machinery/equipment for calibrations?
  • You want to keep your machinery downtimes to the minimum?

Our on-site calibration service includes: 

  • Checking your test or measuring equipment
  • Calibration to traceable reference standards
  • Providing calibration certification including labelling the calibrated equipment
  • Adjustment of amplifiers and measuring systems


Precision calibration in your hands

Our unique mobile high-precision calibrator and testing device is the smart, robust and traceable answer to your calibration requirements. TRANS CAL 7281 allows mobile calibration by yourselves on site, with a high degree of accuracy and without needing to dismantle equipment.


If for any reason an on-site service through us or our partners isn’t possible, we offer you some very attractive alternatives to help you calibrate your force measurement system yourself.

Compact and user-friendly portable load-cell calibrator 72KME

  • Force measuring ranges from 0 ... 50 kN
  • System accuracy of 0.3 % F.S.
  • Full range of accessories, calibration software, reference measurement chains with DAkkS calibration certificate

Portable reference force measuring chain including DAkkS certificate 72-REF

  • 12 force measuring ranges from 0 ... 20 N up to 100 kN
  • Maximum, traceable precision
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