Calibrating a hydraulic press

using a reference measurement

Checking the tension

of a conveyor belt

Force measurements on charging sockets

for e-mobility

Measuring resistances in electric motors

for vehicle hybrid drives

Measuring the joining forces

during assembly of small electric motors

Measuring the retaining force of hose clips

used for hose assembly

Measuring the static latching torque

for plastic bearings

Measuring the static torque

on tank cap systems

Monitoring the crimping process

of rotational symmetric parts

Monitoring the press-fit force

in assembly lines

Monitoring the press-insertion force

of a ball bearing

Motor vehicle suspension testing

under continuous load

Multi-axis force measurement

in tire test machines

Non-rotating torsion measurement

on elastic rubber dampers

Placing and snap-fitting

caps on tubes

Pulling forces and transmitted forces

in bowden cables

Quality-assured monitoring

of spring characteristics

Simple tension measurement

on a quick-release axle for mountain bikes

Strain measurement using multi-channel measurement system

on suspension links

Testing motor starters

Testing the anti-pinch protection

in automatic sliding doors or automatic windows

Torque measurement

on hinges

Torque measurements

on steering-drive components

Torque/angle measurement

on vehicle dashboard controls

Using the load cell

with pull plate and rod end bearings in lifting gear

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