New generation of industrial measurement technology.



The future world of automation and Indutry 4.0 presents challenges such as networking, speed, accuracy, integration and cost effectiveness. The latest Ethernet capable generation of instrumentation amplifiers is rising to this challenge with a universal design that delivers the best-ever performance on the market.

The new 9251 Fieldbus Controller unites together with the 9250 Instrumentation Amplifier all the features that make modern measurement data acquisition actually possible for the first time. Network-compatible, high-precision, user-friendly, smart and versatile: the combined system of amplifier module and bus controller can be integrated into any existing setup. The Fieldbus Controller 9251 takes signals exactly to the point where they can be combined, monitored and linked efficiently to other data. 

Taking measurements to a new level.

Fieldbus Controller 9251

Instrumentation Amplifier 9250

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A connection that networks.

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Fieldbus interfaces

Supported sensors


  • Supports Industrial Ethernet Standards as PROFINET, EtherCAT, ETherNet/IP
  • Automatic recognition of the 9250 modules
  • Up to 8 amplifieres modular cascadable
  • Synchronous export of up to 9 measurement channels via the bus controller
  • Ready to use with any make of sensor for your measurement needs, manufacturer independent
  • Ultra-fast pushbutton configuration
  • Automatic sensor recognition due to burster TEDS
  • Full measurement-data export facility
  • Suitable for force, pressure, displacement, rotational speed and torque measurements, including combined measurements
  • Tare facility via pushbutton or I/O signals for each 9250 amplifier
  • Up to two real-time signals/limit switches per amplifier module
  • Versatile configuration using DigiVision PC software via USB port
  • All configuration settings can be edited
  • Space-saving design for control-cabinet mounting
  • Adjustable cut-off frequencies


  • The fieldbus interfaces give you flexibility, speed and perfect connections, and save you time, money and other resources when integrating your measurement setup with existing systems.
  • Automatic sensor recognition due to burster TEDS lets you play it absolutely safe, protecting you from setting incorrect parameters.
  • When you use our 9250/9251 system you are benefiting from decades of experience in in-process instrumentation.
  • The new 9250/9251 generation of instrumentation amplifiers boosts your confidence in the production process while making optimum use of process capacity and increasing output quality.

  • Thousands of applications worldwide rely on burster instrumentation amplifiers to deliver long-term stability. Benefit from our expertise gained in numerous successful customer applications and now incorporated in the new generation of instrumentation amps.
  • Always readily available, even when the situation gets tricky.
  • You get quick, direct access to our product specialists at all times.
  • From advice to service, all our know-how at your disposal.
  • Innovation paired with personal commitment.
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The new 9250/9251 generation of instrumentation amplifiers.

There is an endless scope of applications in which the new instrumentation amplifier generation 9250/9251 will support you. Expand your options by the new dimension of fieldbus connection. 

Modern production processes depend on the acquisition, processing and analysis of sensor signals. There are innumerable applications in which sensor signals must be acquired and processed precisely, quickly, flexibly and of course reliably.

The new 9251 Fieldbus Controller from burster gives you the support you need when incorporating measured values into your higher-level control environment. The 9250/9251 with fieldbus interface adds a new dimension to your capabilities. Don't take any chances - choose measurement technology made by burster.

Comfort in configuration.

Even more convenience, speed and simplicity.

The generation of instrumentation amps stands out for being easy and adaptable to use, whether individually or as a combination of amplifier module and fielbbus controller. It takes a matter of seconds to put your new amplifier into use, including quick and easy connection of sensors and custom configuration at the 9250 module itself. If you need to analyse more than one measurement channel, simply use the 9251 fieldbus controller to expand and manage the system. Of course this can all be done without DigiVision, but the software just makes it easier. 

  • Convenient device configuration via front-panel USB port
  • Automatic recognition of amplifier modules in DigiVision
  • Manage a range of parameter sets
  • Backup facility for storing settings
  • Choice of output parameter (current or voltage)
  • Fieldbus controller configuration via USB
  • Manual configuration of calibration data in the module
  • Sensor data display for sensors with burster TEDS option


Ultra-fast Configuration Instrumentation Amplifier 9250: quick, simple, efficient

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