Test measurement technology for complete quality assurance

in mass battery production

  • Testing of 32 Li-ion round cells from a complete battery module at EoL (without BMS electronics)
  • Timely detection of possible causes of failure such as self-heating, capacity losses or accelerated aging processes
  • Preventing serious impacts on battery life   


Determining the open-circuit module voltage, using the four-wire measurement method the AC/DC internal resistance is measured at 1 kHz and 10 Hz, in order to draw conclusions about the electrolyte and electrode properties. The measured values and evaluation results are transferred to the PLC via PROFINET. Due to their minimal dimensions, IP54 protection and low weight, the modules are installed in the immediate vicinity of the robot.

Measuring and evaluation parameters
Ucell ……………. approx. 3.66 … 3.67 VDC
Umodule ………… approx. 58.62 … 58.82 VDC
RAC (1 kHz)……. approx. 23.50 … 24.88 mΩ
RDC (10 Hz)…… approx. 1.75 mΩ

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