Measurement of meter samples

in the cable industry


  • Measuring ranges 2.0000 mΩ ... 200.00 kΩ
  • Measuring accuracy 0.03 % Rdg.
  • Temperature compensation for all materials

Clamping device 2381

  • Cross sections 0.1 mm2 ... 100 mm2 up to 2500 mm2 possible
  • Adjustable clamp support up to 1000 mm measuring length


Specification testing of copper, aluminium or brass wires


Several aspects must be considered when testing wires, such as

  • contact in four-wire technology
  • precise length determination
  • temperature compensation of test objects

Copper has a temperature coefficient of about 0.4 %/K, this means if not considering the temperature at an ambient temperature of e.g. 30 °C, the measured value will be 4 % too large (based on 20 °C).


The combination of RESISTOMAT® 2316 and clamping device 2381 is ideally suited for wire cross-sections from 0.1 to 100 mm2. With the adjustable clamp support the measuring length can be varied up to 1000 mm. Although only 500 mm can be measured, the RESISTOMAT® can still show the resistance in ohms per meter. Clamping devices for larger cross-sections up 2500 mm2 are also available.

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