Monitoring the crimping process

of rotational symmetric parts


  • High sampling rate ensures high-speed recording of force signal
  • 25 ms evaluation time
  • Graphical evaluation elements used for monitoring

Compression load cell model 8526

  • Compact design
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Protection class IP64


A process that uses crimping and rolling machines to join (crimp) rotationally symmetric components and assemblies in a form-fit needs to be monitored. Depending on the machine design, 4 to 16 jaw segments compress the components symmetrically to produce a form-fit. In addition to 100% monitoring of the form-fit, the system must also identify a possible failure of one or more crimping jaw segments during the crimping process.


It is essential to ensure strain relief between sleeve and cable and/or that the joints are both liquid-tight and gas-tight. Since safety-critical components are often involved, these production processes must be fully documented with 100% process monitoring.


To monitor the crimping process, the force applied by the jaw segments to the material deformation is analysed as a force/time curve. The 8526 compression load cell is located in the lever and measures the pressing force. The DIGIFORCE® 9311 analyzes the force/time curve synchronously with the crimping process. Recording the force signal at this rapid speed is possible thanks to the instrument's high sampling rate. The servo-drive delivers constant and reproducible movement (displacement) and therefore the force signal is recorded as a pure force/time curve. The measured X/Y curve is monitored using the envelope evaluation element.

Any failure, breakage or wear of a jaw segment produces a significant change in the force/time curve characteristic. The synchronous recording by the DIGIFORCE® 9311 can help to guarantee zero-fault monitoring thanks to immediate evaluation of the crimping process and the output of an OK/NOK signal.

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