Non-rotating torque measurement

on bulk-material filling equipment

  • Automatic sensor recognition thanks to burster TEDS
  • Easy to fit and integrate in process
  • Zero-maintenance torque measurement


The requirement is to measure continuously the torque acting on a geared unit with dispenser on continuously running equipment used for filling bulk-material containers.

Specific Requirement

Indirekte Messung des Drehmoments über das Reaktionsmoment des Motors. 


This is achieved by fitting a 8627 flange sensor directly on the drive motor, with no axial offset, for a static torque measurement. Additional support is provided for the motor to avoid any axial load or bending moment on the sensor. The through-holes around the flange circumference make for easy fitting. An additional analysis instrument identifies the sensor automatically. Limits are used to monitor for load spikes and protect the system against overload.

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