Testing switches

on relays

  • Automatic sequence function (ramp function)
  • DC voltage up to ±100.0000 V
  • DC current up to ±50.0000 mA 


For 100% testing of relays, they have to be energized gradually via a precision voltage source. Two switching moments are determined and then documented. If the measured value is within the predefined range, the specimen is found to be OK.

 Specific requirement

  • Automatic sequence function (ramp function)
  • ± switching
  • Interface for converting and comparing data


The requirements of the measuring task are implemented using the DIGISTANT® 4463. The user-programmable sequence function (ramp function) enables a precise current/time simulation. Once the customer-specific maximum limit is reached, the current is reversed (±) and the ramp runs backwards to find the second switching moment. The interface makes it possible to track the values of the applied voltage and document the switching moments. The relays can be sorted based on these values.

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