Who will do the job ...

If we don't train the professionals of tomorrow?

Take part and hands on when exciting hightech products are manufactured! burster precision measurement technology Gernsbach is a deeply with its location associated German medium-sized company and has nearly half a century of experience in training young people to make them fit for their professional life.

Our apprenticeships

Information Technology Specialist ....
Electronic Instrumentation Technician ....
Technical Procurement Officer ....
EQJ (youth training post) / Office Assistant Management & Administration ....

Training. Get started in life.

Not knowing what’s ahead,
what’s expected of you,
what you need to do,
or whether you can do it. 

Lots of unanswered questions:

Am I making the right decision?
Is this the right job?
The right employer?
The right future? 

burster likes training.

We enjoy helping young people start out in their careers. All of the trainee occupations that we offer are versatile, flexible and forward-looking. We give you extensive support during your training, and integrate you directly into the company. That way, you can get involved and quickly become part of the action – we don’t leave you to figure things out on your own. And as your training progresses, you will discover where your career journey can take you.

Good reasons to train with burster              

  • Trainees are integrated into real business processes
  • Opportunities to work independently during training
  • Share in the company’s success
  • Performance-related pay
  • Excellent work atmosphere
  • Commitment to the location
  • International business orientation
  • Medium sized company
  • Nearly five decades of training history and experience

Talk to us. We will be happy to advise you.

burster has been involved in vocational training since 1972.
Training history
1972 First trainee electrical fitter specialising in electronics
1972 First trainee telecommunications equipment fitter
1977 First trainee precision equipment electronics fitter
1981 First BA student for graduate engineer degree in electrical engineering
1987 First trainee industrial electronics technician specialising in equipment technology
1999 First trainee IT specialist for application development
2001 First trainee industrial management assistant
2004 First introductory training for young people
2006 First trainee IT specialist for system integration
2008 First trainee office management assistant
We have trained:

In total from 1972 to 2014:
75 trainees

1 Electrical fitter specialising in electronics
1 Telecommunications equipment fitter
21 Precision equipment electronics fitters
26 Electronics technicians for devices & systems (formerly industrial electronics technician for equipment technology)
1 IT specialist for application development
6 IT specialists for system integration
9 Graduate engineer (BA) graduates in electrical engineering
6 Industrial management assistants
1 Office management assistant
3 Introductory training office assistants
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