8656 Precision torque sensor

Very short design, contactless, rotating, robust, reliable, easy handling

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      • Features

        • Measurement ranges of 0 ... 1 N·m to 0 ... 100 N·m
        • Very short design
        • Output signal ±10 V / USB 
      • Product data

        Model 8656
        Principle Rotating
        Measuring range

        0 … ± 1 N·m 
        0 … ± 2 N·m 
        0 … ± 5 N·m 
        0 … ± 10 N·m
        0 … ± 20 N·m
        0 … ± 50 N·m
        0 … ± 100 N·m

        Signal output 0 ... ±10 V
        Mechanical connection

        Round shafts

        Electrical connection 12-pin connector or mini USB
        Protection class IP40
        Range of operating temperature 0 °C ... +60 °C
        Specific characteristics

        • Measurement ranges of 0 ... 1 N·m to 0 ... 100 N·m
        • Very short design
        • Output signal 0 ... ±10 V 
      • Description

        The very short torque sensor model 8656 is contactless constructed. The torque is recorded by the torsion of the shaft using the strain gauge principle. Thanks to the inductive and optical transmission of the signals, the sensor is maintenance-free, the signals are digitized directly on the shaft and made available by the evaluation electronics as a voltage signal or via USB. Thanks to the high-quality, up to 10,000 rpm is possible. The direction of rotation can be seen from the potential of the output voltage, clockwise rotation corresponds to positive output voltage, counterclockwise rotation the voltage level is negative.

        The shaft is equipped with keyways in every measuring range, matching keys are included. If a key connection is not required, the key can be omitted. The torque is matched with suitable couplings, we recommend model 8690, safely transmitted.

        To record the speed and angle of rotation, the sensor can optionally be equipped with an incremental disc with 400 increments. This speed / angle signal is available as a TTL output signal.

        The free DigiVision software is available in connection with USB, alternatively drivers for LabVIEW and DASYLab are ready for download.

        Connection cables in various lengths, metal bellows couplings and mounting brackets are available for integration in customer-specific systems.

      • Data Sheet & Downloads

        Data sheet
        Operation manual
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      • Accessories

        pdf Metal bellows coupling 8695
        pdf Connecting cable 99539
        pdf Connecting cable 99540
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