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If your product is not working properly, simply send us your burster product, so that we get the chance to find the disfunction and solve it. 

If you have any problems using one of our products, we are on hand to help you. Just call us or send an email.

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        Based on the long standing experience our customer service staff can quickly answer to your request in a competent way.

        We assume 24 months defects liability on all our repairs. As part of a repair your burster products will of course be cleaned and if you agree, the latest firmware will be installed.

        In case your burster device fails and you quickly need a replacement, you can use our express or rental service.

        You lost an important accessory part of your burster product or you know from experience, what to do in case of a technical problem? Get in touch with us and we will provide a replacement or spare parts, so that you can continue to get your job done.

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