Job description

Electronic Instrumentation Technician

Specialization: instrumentation engineering
Length of training 3.5 years
Format of training 1st year of apprenticeship: Rastatt technical college 2nd + 3rd year of apprenticeship: Two-center system between company and college (fixed tuition twice per week)
Final examination IHK examination project and final written examination
Further info

Training centers

1. Company

From the start of the 2nd year, the apprentice will build upon and reinforce in the company what he/she has learnt in college.

Areas of work in the company

  • Locating faults in modules / finished equipment
  • Test setups for equipment / modules
  • Converting special equipment
  • Calibration of finished equipment / individual modules
  • Creating / checking wiring diagrams
  • Populating printed circuit boards / wiring up boards
  • Equipment installation
  • Documentation of test procedures
2. Technical college

The technical college provides the theoretical grounding that is reinforced in the company. The course also looks at the interdependence between technology and business management. In the first year of the apprenticeship, full-time tuition is given at the technical college. Students are given basic mechanical and engineering training, forming an important basis for further training in the company.

College subjects

Technology in the laboratory, Circuit Engineering and Functional Analysis, Applied Mathematics, practical lessons, Economics, Social Studies, Religious Education

Work experience

During the training program, apprentices will pass through a wide variety of company departments such as Production, Customer Service, Testing and Development. This gives the student an excellent insight into the creation of a product, from development right through to final assembly and testing, making the training extremely varied.

Job opportunities after training

  • Production
  • Customer service department
  • Testing
  • Development department
  • Quality Assurance
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